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Overview of output connectors

An output connector (output) is the element of a GeoEvent Service responsible for preparing and sending the processed event data to a consumer in an expected format. The output connector must translate the GeoEvents into a format capable of being sent over a particular communication channel. Each output connector is configured to send GeoEvents to a single specific output. Every GeoEvent Service must include at least one output connector, but a GeoEvent Service may include more than one output connector.

Output connectors are created and managed in ArcGIS GeoEvent Manager from either the service designer on the GeoEvent Services page or from the Outputs page. When creating a new output connector, you will be presented with a searchable list of output connectors to choose from.

Example output connectors available with the

For details, see Available output connectors for all output connectors available with GeoEvent Server and Add outputs to a GeoEvent Service to create and add outputs to a GeoEvent Service.

Step-by-step instructions for creating new output connectors can be found in the Introduction to GeoEvent Server tutorial. Access the tutorial from GeoEvent Server tutorials.