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Add a server directory in Server Manager

You can use ArcGIS Server Manager to add cache, jobs, and output directories to your site. You cannot add system directories, as there can be only one instance of the system directory in the site.

Follow these steps to add a cache, jobs, or output directory to your site:

  1. Open Server Manager and log in.
  2. Click Site > Server Configuration > Directories.
  3. Click Add Directory.
  4. Enter a string in the Name field. The string uniquely identifies the new server directory and has no relationship to the folder location on disk.

    The Name string cannot be the same as the name of any server directory path, including the path name of the directory you are registering.

  5. Use the Type drop-down list to specify the type of directory you want to create.
  6. In the Location field, specify the path to the directory; for example, C:\arcgisserver\directories\mycache.

    If you specify a nonexistent directory, Server Manager will create the directory for you.

  7. Provide a Description of the directory.
  8. Accept the defaults or set the cleanup mode and maximum file age. The server will delete files in the directory at regular intervals based on the maximum age of the file.

    In 10.0 and earlier versions, you could configure the server to delete files at regular intervals based on either the age of the file or when the file was last accessed by a client. In 10.1 and later releases, the server only deletes files if they have not been modified within the specified maximum file age.

  9. Click Add.

Your directory is added and appears in the Directories module.