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Administrative operations and ArcGIS Server site mode

If your site is in read-only mode, you can log in to ArcGIS Server Manager, but most administrative operations will be disabled. See About ArcGIS Server site mode for more information about site mode.

This topic lists which administrative actions are available and which are disabled when the site is in read-only mode. Operations that are only available in the ArcGIS Administrator Directory are noted below.

Actions available in a read-only site

Administrators can perform the following actions when the site is in read-only mode:

  • Join a machine to the site.
  • Generate tokens (Administrator Directory only).
  • Register, unregister, start, rename, or stop a machine.
  • Export the site (Administrator Directory only).
  • Export the site's SSL certificates (Administrator Directory only).
  • Add machines to or remove machines from clusters.
  • Check for child permissions conflicts (Administrator Directory only).
  • Get and search users and roles.
  • Get privileges and roles for users.
  • Get users within and privileges for a role (Administrator Directory only).
  • Get roles by privilege (Administrator Directory only).
  • Test the identity store (Administrator Directory only).
  • Clear the REST cache (Administrator Directory only).
  • Find and validate data items.
  • Start, stop, and validate data stores.
  • Make a data store the primary machine (Administrator Directory only).
  • Query and clean logs.
  • Edit log settings.
  • Count error reports.
  • View usage reports.
  • Start/Stop platform services.

Actions disabled in a read-only site

Administrators cannot perform the following actions when the site is in read-only mode:

  • Import or delete sites (Administrator Directory only),
  • Generate, import, or delete certificates (Administrator Directory only),
  • Edit machines,
  • Create, start, stop, or delete clusters.
  • Create, rename, edit, or delete folders or services
  • Start or stop services.
  • Edit, upload, or delete item information.
  • Add or clean service permissions.
  • Register, update, or unregister extensions.
  • Federate or unfederate the site.
  • Add, remove, or update users.
  • Add, assign, remove, or update roles.
  • Add users to or remove users from roles.
  • Assign privileges.
  • Update the site's security configuration, identity store, or token configuration.
  • Update, enable, or disable the Primary Site Administrator account.
  • Update server properties.
  • Register, edit, clean, or unregister directories.
  • Edit the configuration store or services directory.
  • Register, unregister, or update the configuration of ArcGIS Web Adaptors.
  • Update the deployment configuration.
  • Register or unregister data items.
  • Remove or update the configuration of a data store machine.
  • Upload, register, commit, or delete items.
  • Create KMZ.
  • Create, edit, or delete usage reports or edit usage report settings.