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Disable browser caching of the Administrator Directory

When you use a web browser to navigate the pages of the ArcGIS Server Administrator Directory, the browser caches all information it receives. For example, information about services, machines, data store items, security settings, and tokens are saved in the browser cache used by the ArcGIS Server administrator. Saving this information allows the pages to load faster in the browser and helps reduce the load on the ArcGIS Server site.

If you want to protect this information and prevent unauthorized users from accessing cached pages, disable any caching of this information by the web browser. This behavior is controlled using the DisableAdminDirectoryCache property in the Administrator Directory. The default value is false, meaning that browser caching is enabled.

After disabling browser caching, you may notice the pages of the Administrator Directory load slower than before. This is expected behavior, since the browser is forced to re-obtain all information it receives from each page.

To disable browser caching, do the following:

  1. Open the Administrator Directory and log in as a user with administrator privileges. The URL is typically
  2. Click system > properties > update.
  3. In the Update Server Properties dialog box, enter the following:

    {"DisableAdminDirectoryCache": true}

  4. Click Update.

To re-enable browser caching, set this property back to false.