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Disk space monitoring in ArcGIS Server

Low disk space on the disk drive or drives hosting an ArcGIS Server site's installation or log directories affects performance and impedes some site operations. ArcGIS Server continually monitors remaining disk space on these drives and will log messages when either drive is near full.

Monitoring is done for both single-machine and multi-machine server sites. For multi-machine sites, disk space is monitored for each machine in the site.

If the drive hosting an ArcGIS Server installation directory or log directory has less than 10GB of usable space remaining, a message will be logged every hour:

The ArcGIS Server machine <machine_name> is running out of disk space on <path_name>. Increase disk space on this machine.

If available space remaining on a drive is between 1 and 10 GB, a Warning level message is logged; if free space is less than 1 GB, a Severe level message is logged.

Low disk space notifications

If you configure email notifications for your portal, email notifications will be sent once every 24 hours to the administrators who have been listed as points of contact for your ArcGIS Enterprise portal when the installation or log directories on your server machine or machines reach the default disk space thresholds of 10GB and again at 1GB.