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Edit service gallery settings in Manager

Services are displayed in the Manage Services module's service gallery in ArcGIS Server Manager. You can adjust the following properties of the service gallery:

  • Whether or not service information is updated
  • The number of services displayed per page
  • Which service properties are searchable

Adjustments to these properties are not applied to the entire ArcGIS Server site; the properties are stored by the browser and are specific to the user (publisher or administrator) who logged in to Manager and made the adjustment. For example, if an administrator logs in to Manager and increases the number of services displayed per page to 50, that specific administrator will be able to view 50 services per page only on the browser used to make the change.

Follow these steps to adjust service gallery properties:

  1. Open Manager and log in with an account that has publisher or administrator access to the server.
  2. Click Services > Manage Services.
  3. In the Manage Services module, click Service Gallery Settings Service Gallery Settings.
  4. In the Service Gallery Settings dialog box, adjust the following:
    • Automatically refresh service gallery—This check box allows you to enable or disable the refresh of service information in the service gallery. When this check box is enabled, information such as service status, cache status, service instances running or in use, maximum number of instances, the service thumbnail, security enabled or disabled, and whether the service can be deleted are all refreshed every three seconds. If you don't want this information to refresh, uncheck the check box.

    • Number of services per page—This property allows you to adjust how many services display per page in the gallery. By default, 10 services display per page. You can enter any value between 1 and 50.

    • Select the service properties you want to search—By default, search queries in Manager are limited to the service name. You can choose to make these additional service properties searchable in Manager: Name, Type, Status, Summary, Tags, Description, and Capabilities. To learn more about search, see Search for services in Manager.

  5. Click Save.

The edits are applied to the services gallery in the Manage Services module in the current browser session.