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Publisher role support in Manager

If your account is in a role that only has Publisher privileges to ArcGIS Server, you can log in to ArcGIS Server Manager, but some administrative features are disabled. This also applies when you make a publisher connection to your server using ArcMap, or when you use the ArcGIS Server Administrator Directory.

This topic lists which features are available to publishers.

Actions publishers can do in Manager

Publishers can do the following actions:

  • Create and delete folders.
  • View, publish, and delete services.
  • Start, stop, and edit services.
  • Set permissions rules about who can view services.
  • View security configuration settings (for example, the type of role store being used).
  • View available users and the roles to which each user belongs.
  • View available roles, the users who belong to each role, and the privileges assigned to each role.
  • View and query logs.
  • View statistics reports.
  • Create KML network links.
  • View software authorization information.
  • Register and unregister enterprise geodatabases, databases, and data directories with the server.

In versions 10.4 and later, only administrators can publish geoprocessing services and deploy service extensions. This provides greater security for your ArcGIS Server site.

Actions forbidden to publishers in Manager

The following actions are not available to publishers. They are only available to users who have Administrator privileges.

  • Edit the configuration store location.
  • Add and remove machines from the site.
  • Start or stop a machine's participation in a site.
  • Register and unregister server directories.
  • Deploy and undeploy server object extensions (SOEs).
  • Unregister Web Adaptors with the site.
  • Edit security configuration settings (for example, the type of role store being used).
  • Create, modify, delete, and export statistics reports.
  • Add and remove users.
  • Add and remove roles.
  • Add and remove users from roles.
  • Assign and revoke privileges on roles.
  • Reset user passwords in the identity store.
  • Query and manage current geoprocessing jobs in Manager.
  • Change the service instance settings (the default setting or for individual services).
  • Edit the primary site administrator.
  • Edit log settings.
  • Enable or disable automatic data copying when publishing to the server.
  • Register and unregister ArcGIS Data Store with the server.