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ArcGIS GeoEvent Server 10.9.1 system requirements

The system and hardware requirements to run ArcGIS GeoEvent Server are listed below.

Operating system requirements

ArcGIS GeoEvent Server has the same operating system requirements as the ArcGIS Server software component in ArcGIS Enterprise.

For more information, see ArcGIS Server system requirements.

Hardware requirements

The ingestion and analysis of real-time data is very machine resource intensive. However, allocation and consumption of resources is highly variable depending on the configuration. The recommendations below are guidelines that should be carefully reviewed to ensure a successful deployment of ArcGIS GeoEvent Server.

  • It is recommended that production systems have at least 16 GB of the latest generation of RAM (such as DDR4) to optimize event record throughput and processing. Use cases that could require additional RAM include:
    • Utilizing a large volume of geofences.
    • Utilizing highly complex geofences (polygons with thousands of vertices).
    • Monitoring for continuous incidents.

  • ArcGIS GeoEvent Server should be deployed on machines with at least 4 physical cores and 8 logical/virtual processors. Production systems will likely require 8 physical cores in order to achieve adequate performance.
  • A higher network bandwidth connection (such as 1 GB or 10 GB) that supports higher IOPS (input/output operations per second) is recommended to reduce latency in receiving and sending event data.

Many production systems could require additional CPU cores and/or RAM.

GeoEvent Server requires a minimum disk space identical to and in addition to the 10 GB recommended by ArcGIS Server. Additional disk space for each configured input and/or output is required, as discussed below. The amount of disk space required will vary depending on the number of input and output connectors being used.

An instance of GeoEvent Server, configured with a single input or output (including stream services) will create a single Kafka topic in the ArcGIS GeoEvent Gateway.

  • Each topic will have, by default, three partitions.
  • Each topic partition, by default, can grow to 400 MB.
  • Each input or output, therefore, would require a maximum of 1.2 GB of disk space.

The additional disk space for each input and output is necessary to account for the on-disk event queues used by the ArcGIS GeoEvent Gateway.

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Software requirements

ArcGIS Server must be installed and configured on the machine before installing ArcGIS GeoEvent Server.

Supported web browsers

ArcGIS GeoEvent Manager requires one of the following web browsers to be installed:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge