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Monitor the status of work

ArcGIS Workflow Manager allows you to search for jobs, visualize, and monitor work to help you make informed decisions in the deployment of your workforce. Summary charts provide a graphical representation of job properties, including Job Status, Job Type, and Job Priority. You can also create custom charts and share them with workflow item users or specific groups. Complete these steps to search for jobs and to filter, visualize, and monitor the status of work in the Workflow Manager web app:

  1. Access the Workflow Manager web app.
  2. Click the Manage tab.

    The Manage page appears.


    The Manage tab won't appear if you don’t have sufficient privileges.

  3. Click Search/Create to expand the Search panel.
  4. Search for jobs using one of the following methods:
    • Click a shared search in the Shared section.
    • Type a keyword or an SQL expression in the Search Jobs text box.

      Searches you perform appear under Recent on the Search panel. Hover over a recent search to view the search criteria. You can also edit a recent search by clicking the Edit Search button Edit Search or delete it by clicking the Delete Search button Delete Search. Recent searches are available until you sign out of the Workflow Manager web app.

    Jobs that match your search criteria appear in the List view and jobs with location information appear on the map with job name labels in the Map view.


    Job name labels are only available for jobs that contain line or polygon features.

  5. Optionally, hover over a job that contains a job location in the List view and click the Zoom to job location button Zoom to job location to zoom to the job's location on the map.
  6. Optionally, click Filter and turn on Restrict results to map extent to filter the List view to jobs that appear in the current extent of the Map view.

    Click Refresh results to update the job list when the map extent is changed.

    Learn more about interacting with jobs on the map

  7. Optionally, click Group and turn on Group by parent job to visualize parent-child job relationships on the map.
  8. Optionally, click a section of a chart in the summary panel to visualize jobs on the map and change the color of the locations based on attribute values defined in the chart.

    The chart expands and displays a legend with attribute values. Click Clear Selection to collapse the chart and remove the chart visualization from the job locations in the Map view.

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